samedi 8 janvier 2011

SEO Contest: test your skills in other referrers

To launch the new version of we organize a big SEO contest.

Ideal for testing new SEO techniques, battle with other SEOs, win lots of gifts and goodies (including a IPAD software licenses SEO and many other gifts) and just have fun, the competition SEO PaidPR begin on November 1 at 16:30 Paris time.

You have three months to reference at best and by all means your page on Google. Results will be updated daily with myposeo.

More the merrier, the merrier, so tell your friends, talk to your blog and especially BE MANY TO PARTICIPATE and try to win the iPad!

The keyword is: SEOTONS

Redemption of the domain name

For the first post I'll tell the story to the domain name la classe maternelle.

When searching the domain name for my site I had because I seemed to be good for that.

At the time I did not think someone squatting in the extension. com, unfortunately for me had been taken by an opportunist who thought extort money.

I waited over 4 years for the recovered and purchased in secondary market through SEDO for ensured durability over the long term extension. info

The primary purpose of my site is to provide free
fiches pédagogiques for teachers around the world, teaching notes that I made myself.

LeechFTP Versus FileZilla

Everyone will tell you that is the best software FileZilla ftp and much better than the small LeechFTP.
Is that people can know is that the software is certainly a good FileZilla FTP client, and especially more modern than LeechFTP but has a disadvantage in size, it's popularity.

When software becomes very popular, especially with lots of potential (gas plant) attracts the envy of the creator of virus and trojan are delighted to infect and recovered passwords to your FTP server through FileZilla is a prime target.

On FileZilla is downloaded about 15,000 times a week, imagine the number of people who may be infected and then stealing their password FileZilla.

LeechFTP is certainly more rudimentary in these capacities but it is essential to what must a ftp software, LeechFTP to the advantage of being protected you from switching your ftp passwords and avoids the risk of losing access to see the server even participated in a scam that turns into phishing.

With LeechFTP you will not have a security problem and your server will be able to sleep peacefully.